Why Ireland could be the ideal location for your business

Ireland boasts numerous amounts of benefits to entrepreneurs who are looking to access the European Union market. Many of the world’s most prosperous companies have chosen Ireland as a jurisdiction for their European Headquarters because of the country’s pro-business environment. This includes leading technology companies such as Microsoft, Apple and Google. Over 1,000 other multinational companies have chosen Ireland as the most suitable destination to grow their businesses.

Tax in Ireland

Ireland has one of the best tax regimes in Europe which us fully compliant with OECD guidelines and is completely transparent. The country’s corporation tax stands at an attractive rate of 12.5%. Under a new incentive introduced in the Budget 2016 named The Knowledge Development Box (KDB), companies involved in Research and Development can avail of a corporation tax rate of 6.25%.

Irish Economy

Ireland has been described as one of the largest and most affluent economies in the world according to the International Monetary Fund (IMF). In 2015 Ireland had the fastest developing economy in Europe and is currently on track to be the fastest developing economy once again in 2016.

Ease of doing business in Ireland

Ireland is deemed one of the most attractive countries in Europe for international companies to access the European market. In 2015 The World Bank “Doing Business” report categorized Ireland within the top 10% of the 189 countries surveyed. This report examines eleven different factors from each country and Ireland scored notably well in terms of paying taxes, resolving insolvency and protecting minority investors. Since 2011 Ireland has made a significant amount of structural reforms to help improve the ease of doing business for companies and continues to do so.

Irish Education System

Ireland has a major focus on education and upskilling which is why the country’s education system ranks in the top 10 in the world. Approximately 23% of the Irish population are currently in full-time education. The country’s investment in education delivers continuous results which helps it to secure its reputation as a highly attractive location for business.

Incorporating a company in Ireland offers you all the advantages of having a business in the European Union complemented by a low corporation tax rate and a perfect position for entering both the US and EU markets. Company Registrations Worldwide can incorporate a company in Ireland in just 2-4 days. We can also assist you with tax registration as well as opening a business bank account. For more information please do not hesitate to contact us on +353 (0)1 687 4518 or fill out our contact form and a representative will be in contact as soon as possible.