Readymade Companies

Readymade companies are pre-registered companies which can be used to start trading immediately. Often referred to as “off the shelf companies”, they can be made available within 48 hours and more often than not have already been registered for VAT.

There are many advantages to purchasing a ready made company:

  • The majority of readymade companies have already been registered for VAT meaning new owners will not have to wait for a VAT application to be processed, they can begin trading immediately.
  • The majority of readymade companies also come with a business bank account.
  • An aged readymade company often gives confidence to business partners, customers and banks who feel more comfortable dealing with an experienced company. In some situations, licensed services such as banks can hesitate to open accounts for companies who have just been incorporated.
  • A new readymade company gives new owners the ability to use the company almost immediately. This can be considered a major advantage in jurisdictions where the incorporation process can take from a week to over a month.

Some of the most popular destinations for readymade companies include:

our most popular readymade company destinations

We have both new and aged readymade companies available in many jurisdictions around the world. If you require more information on these companies , please do not hesitate to call us on +353 16874518. Alternatively you can fill out a contact form and a representative will be in contact in due course.

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