Offshore Company Registration

Offshore Company Registration can benefit entrepreneurs from tax minimisation or safeguard assets with a low or no-tax offshore jurisdiction with corporate laws that maximise financial privacy for both individuals and corporations.Company Registrations Worldwide has a team of experienced professionals including accountants, bankers and lawyers that assess emerging offshore destinations for company formations.

With an exclusive selected list of offshore jurisdictions, you can establish or incorporate your business offshore outside your country of residence. Company Registrations Worldwide can assist with setting up your offshore company in the following jurisdictions:

Isle of Man
BVI (British Virgin Islands)
The Seychelles
Hong Kong

Jurisdictions require that offshore companies be registered through a registered offshore service provider. Company Registrations Worldwide is a leading international company registration and corporate service provider since 1997. We help you set up and manage offshore companies and offshore trusts and other types of international structures, to meet your specific personal or business objectives. We assist you with all aspects of offshore company registration, including virtual offices at prestigious locations and offshore bank accounts with the world’s leading financial institutions.

Benefits of Setting up your Offshore Company

Incorporating offshore in popular offshore financial centres and tax havens offers a wide range of benefits to companies.

  • Improve cross-border sales
  • Greater confidentiality with tax haven jurisdictions
  • Eliminate foreign exchange risk and reduce bank transaction costs
  • Reduced tax liability
  • Protection against lawsuits by strong local regulations
  • Ease of operation with simple statutory obligations
  • Privacy with no public disclosure requirements
  • Asset protection by providing a strong layer of protection from future liabilities
  • Legal protection by ensuring assets are held in the foreign company’s name

Create your Company Offshore with Company Registrations Worldwide:

Company Registrations Worldwide offers a comprehensive range of offshore company formation services in tax haven jurisdictions so that corporations can enjoy a range of benefits. Whether you are seeking an offshore company formation to protect your assets or reduce your taxation burden, Company Registrations Worldwide helps you set up the preferred company structure to ensure privacy, tax savings and lawsuit protection.

Since offshore jurisdictions have different legal systems, Company Registrations Worldwide will help you using them to your financial advantage. There are also a number of offshore operating formalities associated with each type of jurisdiction that you might not be familiar with but Company Registrations Worldwide knows its way around.

We have acquired years of offshore banking experience and are able to offer customised solutions to our clients. All aspects of offshore company registration, bank accounts and online banking, and nominee and secretarial services are efficiently handled by us.

Our offshore company registration services are categorised into:

  • Offshore incorporation and administration
  • Nominee and Company secretarial services

Company Registrations Worldwide is a leading licensed provider of offshore company services in major reputable jurisdictions worldwide. Furthermore, we also advise businesses on the particular advantages and legal systems of each location based on your needs and budget.

Offshore company registration is a very important process which must be executed by taking every sort of precaution. In case any detail of the company is not fulfilled in an appropriate way then there are chances of getting yourselves suspended or even black listed for that particular country. So the offshore company registration process must be undertaken in complete supervision of a company like us.

The need of going for offshore company registration process is necessary before setting up a company. As it is required to fulfill all the conditions then one must refer to a proper association.

If you are planning to setup an offshore company for trading internationally and enjoy a fully legal tax exempt status, Company Registrations Worldwide is the right expert to contact. Take advantage of no taxes, accounting and auditing, and a fully transparent, low investment venture.

When selecting a procedure that requires proper attention while the fulfillment of rules and regulations then it is necessary to follow certain steps like the services provided in Offshore Company Formation.

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