Portugal Company Registration

Portugal company formationPortugal is located in Europe, west of Spain, and borders the North Atlantic Ocean. It is the westernmost country in Europe. Portugal is one of the world’s most globalized and peaceful nations. Over the past two decades, successive Portuguese governments have privatised many state-controlled firms and liberalised key areas of the economy, including the financial and telecommunications sectors. Portugal is a developed country with a very high Human Development Index, the world’s 19th-highest quality-of-life, and a strong healthcare system. With the convenient Euro currency, Portugal is an ideal place to set up a company. CompanyRegistrationsWorldwide.com can assist you in registering a company in Portugal.

Why form a company in Portugal?

Portugal is an exciting country for budding entrepreneurs looking to form their Portuguese company. Located on the West Coast of Europe, Portugal is a great choice for European company formation, its geographically strategic location is ideal for those seeking to supply the European market or expand their businesses to other parts of the world.

The most popular types of Portuguese companies are:

  • Private Limited Liability Company (Sociedade por Quotas, LDA)
  • Public Limited Company (Sociedade Anónima SA Corporation)
  • Shareholders Company (SA)

Setting up a Portuguese Private Limited Liability Company:

When registering a quota company (Limited Liability company) in Portugal, the name must contain the word Limitada or the abbreviation Lda. When setting up a company in Portugal  it is strongly recommended that the shareholders/directors come to Portugal to prove their identity to a notary with ID documents and to open a corporate bank account. This is not essential however and you can choose to have your Portuguese company incorporated under a power of attorney certified with an apostille or legalization by a foreign notary.  A Quota company:

  • Requires at least two shareholders, there are no restrictions as far as their nationality or residence are concerned.
  • The corporate entity (and not the individual) is responsible for any company liabilities
  • There is a minimum capital investment of €5,000 required for a Portuguese company formation.

Setting up a Portuguese Public Limited Company – what are the main features?

  • Requires at least five shareholders, unless one of the shareholders is the State. In this case only two shareholders are needed
  • The corporate entity (and not the individual) is responsible for any company liabilities

Setting up a Portuguese Shareholders Company (SA) – what are the main features?

  • A minimum of five shareholders. This can be reduced over time
  • The minimum social capital is 50,000 Euros that can be paid cash or kind

Additional services:

CompanyRegistrationsWorldwide.com can assist you with a whole range of additional professional services in relation to your  Portuguese company formation such as:

  • Registered and virtual office services in Portugal
  • Accounting and payroll services in Portugal
  • Licencing requirements in Portugal
  • Premises/Warehouse requirements in Portugal.

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