Poland company formation

Poland, which joined the EU in 2004, is the largest market in Central Europe, and is in fact larger than the other nine recent EU members put together. In addition, the central location of the country and its low labor costs are making company formation Poland very popular. There is a huge increase in foreign investment into the country, fuelling sustained economic growth of more than 5% a year and a GDP per capita of $20,100 (2011 estimate). In 2009 Poland was the only economy in Europe to show positive growth. CompanyRegistrationsWorldwide.com can help you access this new, exciting market by assisting you in all aspects of Company Registration Poland.

Company Registration Poland – what are the main types of companies?

There are four main types of companies for foreign investors who wish to set up business, including:

  • Limited Liability Company (sp. z o.o)
  • Joint Stock Company (S.A.)
  • Partnership
  • Sole Proprietor

Setting up a sp. z o.o. Limited Liability Company – what is involved?

  • The most popular format for small and medium sized companies
  • Minimum share capital is 5000 zlotys (€1200), to be fully paid up
  • Minimum number of directors is one
  • No restrictions on foreign shareholders
  • Annual accounts to be prepared and held at company offices

Setting up a S.A. Joint Stock Company – what is involved?

  • A popular format for larger businesses that wish to raise public capital
  • Minimum share capital 100,000 zlotys (€24,000), at least 25% to be paid up
  • Two-tier system comprising management and supervisory boards
  • Minimum 8% of annual profits to reserve fund ( up to maximum one third of share capital)
  • Annual accounts and independent audit required

Setting up a partnership company – what is involved?

  • There are four main types of partnership under Polish corporate law:
    • Registered Partnership (all partners have equal and unlimited liability)
    • Limited Partnership (some partners have limited liability)
    • Professional Partnership (some concessions regarding partner liability)
    • Limited Joint-Stock Partnership (includes partners and shareholders)

Setting up a Sole Proprietor Company – what is involved?

  • The simplest and least-regulated form of business entity
  • Very popular format for smaller enterprises
  • Sole trader has unlimited liability for all liabilities and debts
  • Profits are subject to Polish income tax at individual rates

Can I get a Polish VAT number?

CompanyRegistrationsWorldwide.com can assist you with getting your new Polish company VAT registered. CompanyRegistrationsWorldwide.com work with fiscal advisers based throughout Poland such as  Warsaw and Krakow. Obtaining a VAT number is an essential part of Polish company formations.Contact us today to see how we can help.

Banking in Poland:

Opening a Polish bank account for your Polish company is a relatively straightforward process which CompanyRegistrationsWorldwide.com can assist you with.

In order to open a corporate bank account for your Polish company, a face to face meeting with the bank may be required, this can however be completed by power of attorney. We work with major Polish and International banks including Raiffeisen bank and PEKAO S.A. Bank . Some of the corporate account features include:

  • Internet banking/remote access
  • Debit/credit cards
  • Low transaction fees
  • Multi-currency accounts

Speak with us today to see how we can open a Polish bank account for your Polish company.

Is it possible to purchase a ready-made company in Poland?

CompanyRegistrationsWorldwide.com has a number of Polish ready-made companies available in Warsaw and Krakow. These come complete with a Polish bank account and VAT number. A ready-made company is an excellent solution for anyone looking to set up a Polish company quickly and efficiently.

*All transfers can be completed in a one day visit to Poland*

CompanyRegistrationsWorldwide.com can supply a complete package for a readymade Polish company which includes the following:

  • Fully functional Polish company.
  • Active Polish VAT number.
  • Polish bank account with multiple currency accounts.
  • Virtual office for 12 Months including call answering and mail forwarding.
  • 3 Months Accounting.
  • Full notary fees.
  • Translator for all meetings.
  • Full accompaniment to bank and Notary offices on the day of transfer.

Contact us today for a quote.

Additional services:

CompanyRegistrationsWorldwide.com can assist you with a whole range of additional professional services in relation to your Polish company formation such as:

  • Registered and virtual office services in Poland
  • Accounting and payroll in Poland
  • Licencing requirements in Poland
  • Premises/Warehouse requirements in Poland.

The speculation about the process of company registration Poland has no complications in its mechanism, instead it only requires a well managed approach which can be done by service availed by us.

The significance of getting company registration Poland services from us is that, you get to know various opportunities by which you can run a business by earning considerable profit and also start with any other venture if all requirements are met as per the existing guidelines.

The benefit of company registration Poland process not only shows improvement with the startup of the company but also helps in smooth approval of necessary facilities.

CompanyRegistrationsWorldwide.com can provide you with an efficient, professional service. Register a company in Poland today.