Morocco is a country in North Africa which boarders the North Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. Morocco has capitalised on its close proximity to Europe and relatively low labour costs to build a diverse, open, market-oriented economy. Key sectors of the economy in Morocco include agriculture, tourism, phosphates, textiles and apparel. provides an efficient, professional service in all aspects of company formation in Morocco.

Registering a company in Morocco – what is involved?

  • All Moroccan companies must have a registered office in Morocco
  • A bank account must be opened prior to the incorporation to provide evidence that the share capital of the proposed SARL has been deposited
  • A minimum of one director is required
  • Accounts do not have to be filed annually
  • Minimum share capital of MAD100,000
  • 100% of the minimum share capital must be paid up in advance


Setting up a Limited Liability Company (SA) – what are the main features?

  • Limited liability companies (SA) must have a minimum of five shareholders who can be either legal entities or individuals
  • The shareholders’ liability is limited to the amount of share equity the shareholder hold
  • Upon incorporation of the limited liability company, a quarter of the equity capital must be paid in advance if paid in cash contributions
  • If it is paid in contributions in kind, it must be fully paid upon incorporation
  • Both bearer and registered shares may be issued by the limited liability company
  • The minimum share value is 50 MDh
  • The company has no corporate name but a trade name, and there are generally no restrictions on the sale and transfer of shares to third parties


Setting up a Private Limited Company (SARL) – what are the main features?

  • The private limited company (SARL) is an intermediate type between associations of persons and of capital
  • It is always a trading company, regardless of its corporate name and its minimum equity capital is 10,000 MDh
  • It may be formed by two or more members who are only liable to the amount of their share of the equity capital in the company
  • Unlike a general partnership, members of a private limited company do not need to be registered merchants
  • The private limited company must file a memorandum of association as part of its incorporation process
  • The capital stock has to be fully described and paid up as the company is formed


Setting up a Branch Office – what are the main features?

  • The branch affiliate or subsidiary of a foreign corporation is regarded as a separate legal entity
  • The Moroccan branch, however, has to disclose certain details regarding its parent-company, its representatives and its delegated powers


Setting up a Sole Proprietorship – what are the main features?

  • Foreigners may establish in Morocco sole proprietorships
  • In a sole proprietorship, the business is conducted under the responsibility of an individual personally liable for the debts of the business to the extent of all business and personal assets
  • The business must be registered with the Commerce Registry and with the tax authority


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