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Luxembourg company formation
Luxembourg is a country located in Western Europe, between France and Germany. Luxembourg is a small, stable, high-income economy which benefits from its close location to France, Belgium and Germany. Luxembourg has historically featured solid growth, low inflation and low unemployment. Luxembourg is one of the six founding countries of the European Economic Community (now the European Union) and it is part of the euro currency area. This country enjoys a particularly high standard of living, with its GDP per capita amongst some of the highest in the world, and in fact the highest in the euro zone. The industrial sector in Luxembourg was initially dominated by steel, but has become increasingly diversified to include chemicals, rubber, and other products. The financial sector now accounts for about 28% of the country’s GDP. can assist you in Company Registration Luxembourg.

Setting up a Limited Liability Company (Luxembourg Societee a Responsabilite Limitee – SARL) – what are the main features?

  • The most popular form of business structure in Luxembourg when it comes to foreign investments
  • No more than 40 shareholders can contribute
  • Minimum share capital is at least €12,400
  • The liability of the founders is limited to the extent of their contribution

Setting up a Joint Stock Company (Luxembourg Societe Anonyme – SA) – what are the main features?

  • Better suited for larger companies
  • Requires at least two shareholders
  • Minimum share capital of €31,000

A Luxembourg SA or SARL that qualifies as a Trading Company can register for EU VAT and may access double taxation treaties with more than 40 countries. These countries include China, France, Germany, Singapore, the US and the UK. In addition, the Luxembourg Trading Company is free to conduct commercial activity both in Luxembourg and internationally. This makes it a popular entity for entrepreneurs conducting business and trading activity in central Europe.

Can I get a Luxembourg VAT number? can assist you with getting your new Luxembourg company VAT registered. work with fiscal advisers based in Luxembourg. In order to obtain a Luxembourg VAT number, you may have to have trading activity in Luxembourg or have human and technical resources in Luxembourg. A nominee director can help with this. We can act as secretary and supply a nominee director if needed.

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Banking in Luxembourg:

Banking in Luxembourg is relatively easy and straightforward.

In order to open a corporate bank account for your Luxembourg company, a face to face meeting with the bank may be required. We work with major Luxembourg banks and can suit your banking needs. Some of the corporate account features include:

  • Internet banking/remote access
  • Multi currency accounts
  • Debit/credit cards
  • Low transaction fees

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Additional services for Company Registration in Luxembourg can assist you in Company Registration Luxembourg, as a whole range of professional services which include:

  • Registered/virtual office services in Luxembourg
  • Luxembourg bank account introduction
  • Accounting/payroll services in Luxembourg
  • Licencing requirements in Luxembourg
  • Warehouse/premises identification in Luxembourg

The best way to execute company registration Luxembourg process is by getting proper assistance from us. The procedure involved in company formation is considered simple but without proper knowledge it can be a little confusing for an individual.

There are a lot of formalities that need to be satisfied in a proper manner regarding the process of Company registration Luxembourg. It is really important to choose a reliable service provider so that there are no issues remaining for successful set up of the company.

It is because of the services made available for company registration Luxembourg, people are now able to become a part among the contributors easily and hence earn effectively for themselves as well as give back handsome returns to this prosperous country. can provide you with a professional service in all aspects of company incorporation in Luxembourg, helping make this process as simple and efficient as possible.