Hungary Company Registration

Hungary Company formation

Hungary is located in Central Europe and is bordered by Slovakia to the north, Ukraine, and Romania to the east, Serbia and Croatia to the south, Slovenia to the southwest, and Austria to the west. Hungary is a high-income economy and has made the transition from a centrally planned to a market economy. It has a per capita income of nearly two-thirds of the EU-25 average. The private sector accounts for more than 80% of the country’s GDP. Foreign ownership of and investment in Hungarian firms is widespread, with a total foreign direct investment worth more than $70 billion. Hungary is also one of the thirty most popular tourist destinations of the world and attracts about 8.6 million tourists a year. A member of the European Union since 2004, Hungary has a stable economic and political system. can assist you in setting up a company in Hungary.

Setting up a Hungarian company – what are the main features?

  • Company income tax (CIT) has two rates: 10% on up to €1.8 Million of profits, and 19% on profits above.
  • Being a full member of the EU, dividends received from EU companies are not subject to CIT, and there is absolutely no withholding tax imposed on dividends paid by Hungarian companies to their overseas parent company
  • Hungary company formation is not perceived as an offshore corporate structure in a tax haven
  • Only one shareholder and one director is required
  • Corporate shareholders are permitted
  • Investors considering Hungary company formation can take advantage of the double taxation treaties the country has signed with other states
  • Details of the beneficial owner of the company are not available for public viewing
  • Can be fully owned and controlled by international directors and shareholders

Can I get a Hungarian VAT number? can assist you with getting your new Hungarian company VAT registered. works with fiscal advisers based throughout Hungary. Obtaining a VAT number is an essential part of a Hungary company formation. Contact us today to see how we can help.

Is it possible to purchase a ready-made company in Hungary? has a number of Hungarian ready-made companies available. These come complete with a Hungarian bank account and VAT number. A ready-made company is an excellent solution for anyone looking to set up a Hungarian company quickly and efficiently. All transfers can be completed in a one day visit to Hungary. Contact us today for a quote.

Additional services: can assist you with a whole range of additional professional services in relation to your Hungary company formation such as:

  • Registered and virtual office services in Hungary
  • Accounting and payroll in Hungary
  • Licensing requirements in Hungary
  • Premises/Warehouse requirements in Hungary. can assist in setting up a company in Hungary, providing you with an efficient and friendly service. For more information please contact us.