Company Formation in FinlandFinland is located in Northern Europe and borders the Baltic Sea, Gulf of Bothnia and Gulf of Finland. Finland is a highly industrialised, largely free-market economy and has a per capita income among the highest in Western Europe. Trade is important with exports accounting for over one third of GDP in recent years. Finland is strongly competitive in manufacturing, in mainly the wood, metals, engineering, telecommunications, and electronics industries. Finland excels in high-tech exports such as mobile phones. Finland depends on the import of raw materials, energy and some components for manufactured good. can assist you in incorporating a company in Finland.

There are two popular types of company formation in Finland:

  • Public Limited Company (osakeyhtiö Oyj)
  • Private Limited Company (osakeyhtiö Oy)

Setting up a Public Limited Company (osakeyhtiö Oyj) – what are the main features/ requirements?

  • The minimum share capital for a private limited company (Oy) is €2,500.
  • The company needs to have its share capital deposited in a Finnish bank account or a branch of a foreign bank in Finland. It’s ultimately up to the auditor who has to verify that the funds are deposited in a way that fulfills the requirements of the law.
  • There needs to be at least 2 directors (one has to be an EU resident). For each non-EU director you need an EU director. If you appoint a managing director they need to be an EU resident.
  • There is a statutory requirement for audited accounts only if the company has a turnover of more than €200,000, balance sheet total of more than €100,000 and 3 or more employees.
  • A registered office is required

Setting up a Private Limited Company (osakeyhtiö Oy) – what are the main features?

  • The minimum share capital is €2,500
  • At least one board director and a deputy are required
  • There is a statutory requirement for audited accounts only if the company has a turnover of more than €200,000, a balance sheet total of more than €100,000 and 3 or more employees
  • There is a flat corporate tax rate of 26%

Can I get a Finnish VAT number? can assist you with getting your new Finnish company VAT registered. work with fiscal advisers based in Finland. In order to obtain a Finnish VAT number, you may have to have trading activity in Finland or have human and technical resources in Finland. A nominee director can help with this. We can act as secretary and supply a nominee director if needed.

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Is it possible to purchase a ready-made company in Finland? has a number of Finnish ready-made companies available.  Ready-made companies in Finland allow for a speedy company set up without cutting corners. All transfers can be completed in a 2-3 working days. Contact us today for a quote.

Banking in Finland:

Banking in Finland is relatively easy and straightforward.

In order to open a corporate bank account for your Finnish company, a face to face meeting with the bank may be required. We work with major Finnish banks. Some of the corporate account features include:

  • Internet banking/remote access
  • Debit/credit cards
  • Low transaction fees
  • Multi-currency accounts

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Accounting in Finland:

Accounting and bookkeeping are an essential part of any new business. can provide you with a tailor made accountancy/bookkeeping package to keep your Finnish company compliant and in good standing with the authorities. We will be happy to meet with you face to face and work out the best solution for your Finnish company. Contact us today to arrange a meeting.

Additional services can assist you in setting up a company in Finland, as well as a whole range of professional services which include:

  • Registered/virtual office services in Finland
  • Finnish bank account introduction
  • Accounting/payroll services in Finland
  • Licencing requirements in Finland
  • Warehouse/premises identification in Finland

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