Dubai, one of the seven emirates within the United Arab Emirates (UAE), has an outstanding infrastructure, and the city of Dubai has become a global city and business hub. In 2011 the UAE economy grew by 4.2%. The Dubai government has set up a number of business development areas known as Free Zones where companies can be set up and in order to maintain their ‘Offshore Status”. can assist you in setting up a company in Dubai – both in the “free zones” and in the rest of Dubai. We offer you the best services for Company Registration Dubai to open your own business in the city.

Free Zones – what are the main features?

  • Free Zones are tax-free and provide purpose-built facilities for offices and related activities.
  • Some Free Zones may specify that all work must be carried out within the Free Zone
  • Some Free Zones will only allow companies to trade outside of Dubai
  • Some Free Zones are set up to cater for particular types of businesses

Setting up an “Offshore” Dubai LLC – what is involved?

  • An Offshore Dubai LLC is a Limited Liability Company set up in a Dubai Free Zone
  • Company can trade as normal and can be wholly foreign-owned
  • There is no requirement for the LLC to have a physical presence in Dubai
  • Cannot trade within the UAE

Setting up a company in Dubai proper (as opposed to offshore) – what are the main features?

  • Has the advantage of allowing a company to trade freely both within and outside of Dubai
  • A UAE national must hold a minimum of 51% of the company’s shares in a Resident Dubai Company
  • Details of the directors and shareholders of a Dubai LLC are available for public viewing
  • Annual audited financial statements need to be submitted to the Dubai Government

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