Anguilla is a group of islands between the Caribbean Sea and North Atlantic Ocean. It is a British Dependency and has few natural resources. The economy of Anguilla depends heavily on luxury tourism, offshore banking, lobster fishing, and remittances from emigrants. Increased activity in the tourism industry has prompted the growth of the construction sector, contributing to economic growth. There has also been substantial effort put into developing the offshore financial sector. Anguilla is an attractive jurisdiction for forming offshore companies because of its zero tax rates and confidentiality laws. can assist you in all aspects of setting up a company in Anguilla.

Setting up An Anguilla Business Company (ABC) – what are the main features?

    • Unlike an International Business Company (“IBC”), an Anguilla Business Company (“ABC”) can do business within Anguilla as well as internationally
    • An ABC will be free of taxation unlike its equivalent in many other offshore jurisdictions
    • An ABC is exempt from many filing and reporting requirements of a public company (a company offering shares to the public)

Setting up an International Business Compnay (IBC) – what are the main features?

    • An IBC most suitable when the company’s only business is, and is never intended to be anything else but international
    • May have one or more directors, each of whom may be any legal or natural person
    • It may purchase or redeem its shares and meetings may be held anywhere
    • Treasury and bearer shares are permitted and there is no audit or financial statement requirements can provide an efficient and professional service, making a company formation process in Anguilla as simple as possible. For more information please contact us.