Do I need to visit Ireland to open an Irish bank account?

A face to face meeting is usually required by Irish banks in order to open a bank account. This meeting will take place in Dublin, Ireland. it may be possible open remotely if the company will have a high turnover. Please contact us for further information.

Is Ireland a member of the EU?

Yes, Ireland is a fully fledged member of the EU and considered the leading jurisdiction in Europe for companies looking for a low tax and transparent jurisdiction

What is the minimum share capital required for an Irish company formation?

The minimum share capital required for an Irish company formation is just €1.

What is the Corporation tax rate in Ireland?

The marginal corporate tax rate in Ireland is just 12.5% on worldwide trading profits. This is one of the lowest in Europe. The effective rate (actual rate paid by companies) is thought to be around 6%

How do I begin the process of forming an Irish company?

Contact us today to speak with one of our representatives. You can also register your Irish company online here.  The process is extremely straight forward and can have your Irish company set up in the quickest possible time frame.