International Business Services

The team in Company Registration Worldwide can provide you with a wide range of business services required for the smooth running of your company. Our main business services include;

  1. Bank Accounts/Online bank account – for entrepreneurs who need to open a bank account in another country
  2. Virtual Offices/Serviced offices – for companies needing a base for their business or for regulatory requirements.
  3. Registered Address Office – needed by all foreign businesses by law
  4. Company Name Checks – essential for distinguishing a new business
  5. Nominee Services- Some company director’s value their privacy and prefer to remain anonymous rather than disclosing their personal information to the public, this can be achieved by appointing a nominee director.

At Company Registration Worldwide, we can help you with the business services you require for your company. If you would like to more information on the business services, please complete our Contact Form and our team will contact you to discuss your business needs.

Bank Account

Access to the suitable bank and the account managers is a challenge in today’s increasingly complex financial regulatory environment. It has become increasingly complex to open bank accounts. Higher thresholds for minimum required deposits; increased KYC and due diligence; discretion to open accounts for certain jurisdictions; blocking of e-banking and telephone services outside the country of the bank’s operation – are just a few of the increased barriers for establishing corporate bank accounts that have appeared under ever increasing regulations.

Being able to perform transactions seamlessly to and from certain jurisdictions, in small and large amounts is paramount to your performance as a company. Having a transaction blocked because you did not know you had to provide background information can ruin an opportunity. Our experience in assisting anything from start-ups to large corporations, with activities ranging from trade to financial transactions, lets us help you identify which bank is best suited, and which account manager would best meet your needs. We carry out the entire account opening process on your behalf.

For further information about the bank account options that Company Registration Worldwide can provide depending on your needs, please contact us.

Virtual Office/Serviced Offices

Most of your working week it may be possible for you to run your European company from a virtual office using internet-based communication links and audio or video conferencing. However, there will be times when you need to have a physical presence in the country concerned and for this reason Company Registration Worldwide provides a selection of serviced offices throughout Europe.

To accommodate for the individual requirements of our clients we offer a variety of serviced offices, in various sizes and locations, which can be secured either on a temporary or permanent basis. All the offices are fully furnished and available for immediate use. They also share the following features to promote your company in a professional manner:

  • Telephone answering and forwarding, fax forwarding and messaging
  • Reception facilities
  • Mail forwarding
  • Meeting and conference facilities
  • Secretarial assistance
  • Interview and training rooms
  • Other features as required

*There may be an additional charge for these services

For further information about the serviced offices that Company Registration Worldwide can provide depending on your needs, please contact us.

Registered Office Address

When opening a company in a foreign country, you will need to establish a registered address. This can mean opening an office, warehouse, shop, or premises if you intend to trade in the country or alternatively procuring a registered address to signify a physical presence in the country. We can offer company registered address services in the UK, France & Europe as well as in Hong Kong, Australia, India, the United Arab Emirates, and the USA. With a registered address, we can also provide a mail forwarding service together with scanning and sending your mail by email.

Our service includes worldwide mail forwarding, scanning of your mail and a choice of forwarding frequency – daily, weekly, or monthly. It is simply for receiving official mail and storing statutory records for inspection purposes. Our prices range per month charged on an annual basis depending on location.

In all cases, Company Registrations Worldwide will be able to help with any questions and quotation regarding registered office address depending on your requirement and needs. please contact us.

Company Name Checks

One of the main aspects for new company registrations is choosing a company name. It is important that individuals check the availability of their proposed name in advance of submitting company documents. If the company name is not accepted it can be time-consuming to re-submit the document under another company name. In some case, it is possible to reserve a company name with us prior to incorporation.

Please Contact Us for further information about the company name checks in the various jurisdictions that Company Registration Worldwide facilitate.

Nominee Services

Many companies are legally required to have at least one director and disclose their director’s information. The director must be registered, and this information is available to the public. Some company director value their privacy and would instead remain anonymous rather than disclosing their personal information to the public. This anonymity can be accomplished by appointing a nominee director. At Company Registration Worldwide, the team can help you to ensure the company director’s details are kept private.

Depending on your requirements of the nominee director, the scope of work will vary. An agreement must be signed before the appointment of the nominee director which should summarize every duty of the nominee director. We work closely with our clients to understand their circumstances, allowing us to draft clear agreements that meet their requirements. This means our clients have control over the degree to which their nominee director will be involved with their business’ activities. A considerable reason of interest for many people is whether the nominee director can access the company’s bank account. The company bank account is only accessible by those whose names are authorised by the bank.


For more information about our Business Services, please complete our Contact Form. Our team can advise you on the best options available to your business venture.