How to Take my Small Business Global

By Company Registrations Worldwide, 23rd Feb 2018

If you own a business, large or small, growth is likely always top of mind, but growth can be difficult if you are in a heavily saturated market or bound by geographic constraints. In this digital and technological age reaching a worldwide customer base has never been easier or more important for small businesses.

Taking a business international takes some extra effort and strategic thinking, but it doesn’t necessarily mean large expenditure. If your strategic plan is strong and you implement it wisely you may find that the profits more than offset the initial costs. In this technological age, it is easier than ever to establish a business online. The social media platforms have made it easy to cross borders and reach targeted audiences that you may never have thought possible. The key to this process is building a website that is easy for users to find and navigate. Consider the regions and languages that your desired customers use to ensure you aren’t overlooked. A professional website is crucial to building trust with an online audience. Blogs and articles are a great way to increase searchability on Google and other search engines. Consider incorporating an e-commerce solution to the website if it suits your business, this will enable you to close sales without additional manhours.

Company Formations Worldwide work with some of the most professional design agencies in Ireland and in the UK, offering a range of affordable services to establish your company’s online presence. Website packages are tailored to your needs including logo design and E-marketing solutions as well as a full training session where you will learn to manage your website and make updates yourself. Ongoing technical support is also available.

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