Fukuoka Startup Café in Japan Attracts Foreign Entrepreneurs

Japan's Startup Cafe in Fukuoka

By Company Registrations Worldwide, 5th Dec 2018

The city of Fukuoka, Japan is making a name for itself as major startup company location, attracting foreign direct investment from around the globe in a bid to boost its economy. The city has implemented regulatory reforms making it easier to register a company and have also significantly lowered the corporate tax rates for startups companies.

Mayor, Soichiro Takashima incited these changes with the aim of growing Fukuoka into a hub of innovative technology and services. The changes became possible after the city was chosen as a special zone, in 2014 to test national strategic measures that could later be rolled out across Japan.

Fukuoka Startup Café

In addition to the tax cuts and regulatory reforms, entrepreneurs are being encouraged through the Fukuoka Startup Café, a resource facility that provides space to plan and receive business advice. The Fukuoka Startup Café is located in a former elementary school built in the 1870s in the trendy Daimyo area. The facility employs a number of advisers who speak English, Chinese and other foreign languages for general inquiries and support.

Japanese Visa

Foreigner entrepreneurs and investors are also attracted by the regulatory reforms which can expedite the visa application process allowing applicants to bypass the requirements of having 5-million-yen funding and a minimum of two full-time employees. Like many countries, Japan’s towns and cities have experienced shrinking populations as people move to major cities such as Tokyo. Since the project’s launch, the population of Fukuoka has continued to grow, further increasing the city’s attractiveness as a place to start a business.

Register a Company in Japan

Japan company registration is an excellent way to penetrate the world’s 2nd largest economy in terms of output. Japan is world renowned for its sophisticated hi-tech manufacturing and its robust economy which includes modern communications infrastructure and a skilled workforce.

Japanese Company Requirements

Foreign entrepreneurs who wish to form a company in Japan must have local Japanese Registered addresses. This cannot be a PO box but a physical address. Euro Company Formations can provide a registered address in your chosen Japanese city. Single director companies are allowed and there are no restrictions on foreign shareholders or directors. The minimum share capital to be deposited is just 1 JPY for each shareholder. Japanese companies are required to pay corporate resident tax, file an annual return and hold an annual general meeting.

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