Brexit: Where will Europe’s next start-up capital be?

By Simon O’ Connor, 29 September 2016

On the 23rd of June 2016, the United Kingdom voted to exit the European Union. The result was unexpected and it has caused a lot of companies to re-examine their operations in the UK and consider other jurisdictions both in and outside of the European Union.

If you have been thinking about incorporating a UK company or already have a UK company, we understand that you may be reconsidering the location. There are plenty of alternatives available with more advantages for businesses than the UK.


Ireland is arguably one the best countries in the world for doing business. The country has an extremely attractive tax regime with a corporation tax rate of 12.5% which applies to all Irish corporate trading profit. Many of the world’s largest companies have chosen Ireland as a residence for their business because of the country’s pro-business environment. This includes technology companies such as Google and Facebook and leading pharmaceutical companies such as Actavis and Abbott.

Company Registrations Worldwide can help you to register a company in Ireland in the fastest and most efficient way possible.


With one of the largest and most substantial economies in Europe, Germany is considered one of the most attractive locations for both new and developed businesses looking to take advantage of the European market. The countries government is extremely supportive of all business types coming into the country regardless of the size of the business or the nationality of the business owner.  The country has a well-developed financial and banking market and provides a secure platform to set up operations in Europe.

Company Registrations Worldwide assist Individuals or companies seeking to set up a business in Germany.


There are a number of advantages of registering a company in Poland particularly the countries location. Positioned in the centre of Europe, businesses in Poland have access to 250 million consumers with a 1000km radius. Company formation in Poland is extremely popular amongst foreign business investors due to the small costs and the large market. Grants ranging from 25% – 50% are examples of typical incentives available for foreign business investors.

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