Cyprus Corporate Tax Rate Escalates to 12.5%

Recent financial reports have revealed that Cyprus has increased its corporate tax rate by the troika. For those who are unaware, the troika comprises of the three most powerful financial organizations in Greece. These are: the EC or European Commission, the IMF or the International Monetary Fund and the ECB or the European Central Bank. [...]

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UK to have the lowest Corporate Tax Rate amongst G8 countries from 2015

Described by Chancellor George Osborne as a headline rate that’s dramatically lower rather than just being lower than that of their competitors and the largest continual business tax price reduction for an entire generation, the plan, along with two additional reductions was to be executed within the next two fiscal years, leading to a corporate [...]

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Tax Avoidance in Zambia Denied by Associated British Foods

By Richard Watson. 11th March 2013. The owner of multi-million dollar clothes retailer Primark, Associated British Foods has rejected the claims to any immoral or illegal activities targeted towards the avoidance of tax following a globally functioning charity accusing the British firm of relocating its profits out of the Zambian grounds in order to trim down on [...]

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